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June post

Its been a few weeks since i’ve been able to put some time aside to write a blog,  but i want to thank all of you that read my last entry and took the time to respond.  I also want to thank  you for the words of encouragement and to those of you that sent along some of your various slump busting techniques. 

I attended Justin Morneau’s charity event and received the typical condolences, including  “keep plugging away” and “keep your chin up”.  I’m sure if there had been an open bar a few people would have grabbed some of the bats up for auction and given demonstrations. 

It’s been quite a grind so far this year but i’m still plugging away and feel like i’m ready to break out the next time I get an opportunity.  It’s frustrating at times but the club is in first place and that’s what its all about.  There’s an oft repeated quote from Samuel Goldwyn, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”, and no ones been working harder, so there better be some bloopers and infield hits on the horizon, as well as some line drives. 

We have an off day here in Milwaukee and no, I did not spend the day at the beach with Patrick Reusse.  I really hope my thank you note wasn’t lost in the mail like my Christmas card was though. 

It’s been an interesting few weeks of current events since the last time i’ve blogged.   We’ve had oil spills, immigration controversy and Joran Van ders-Killer back in the news.   I see the CEO Tony Hayward was able to make his Yacht race back in England.  I feel like this is an SNL weekend update episode of ‘Really’.  Really Tony, you don’t see how the people of the gulf, who have already been called small people, would be mad at the white collar silver spoon symbolism of a yacht race as they try to pick up the pieces for the second time in 5 years.  At the same time President Obama played golf yesterday for the 7th time since the Oil spill began. I guess everyone needs their down time,  but even Phil Mickelson hasn’t played that many rounds of golf lately. 

And did I hear Hillary Clinton say that Illegal immigration is something the federal government should lead on, not the states.  So instead of laying out a comprehensive program that would help, the government is going to sue Arizona.  Really?  I didn’t know we could sue ourselves. 

And Joran, all I can hope for you is a long, torturous sentence in a Peruvian jail, where after awhile you’ll be begging for the electric chair on your way down to hell.   Ahh, Karma.

I am putting a few things together to help with my own operation shoebox that I’ve started.  Its taken a little longer to get off the ground than I expected, but the wheels are still in motion.  I would like to thank Sidney for the great t shirt ideas. 

Was able to catch a couple movies on the last two off days.  ‘Get him to the Greek’ was pretty funny, similar humor to its prequel Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I’d give it a B.  ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’  was also funny, I’d give that a B plus.  Craig Robinson, from the Office is great in it.


Blog #1

     welcome to my foray into the blogosphere.  I’m a little uncomfortable with things such as fan pages and social media in general, so in an effort to avoid being overly self-absorbed and narcissistic, I want to call this an interaction blog.  I also find it utterly ridiculous when people tweet the menial tasks they are doing throughout the day, so I pledge to you to only tweet about things of substance.  

     I’ve started the blog and facebook page to do a number of things.  I want to interact with Twins fans and the good people of upstate NY about baseball, various things off the field and in the news that I or you would like to weigh in on. 

     I  run a camp in my hometown of Queensbury, NY and want to use social media to provide information about it and help with registration. 

     Lastly, I want to help promote certain charities or causes I feel strongly about with you.  I thought I had an original idea to support our service men and women by sending them a personalized care package when they are deployed overseas.  I want to highlight them on the site each month, with their consent of course, and then send them a care package of things they could use and appreciate.  Things such as magazines, calling cards, ipods and personal letters people send in, I would bundle together with other things anyone else wants to send in and mail overseas.  I found out there’s a charity called operation shoebox that operates exactly how I wanted this to run, though it doesn’t prohibit my much smaller operation from taking off. 

     As far as the season goes, I’d say 7-3 is pretty solid start, especially against three quality teams in the Angels, White Sox and Red Sox.  Major League baseball does a nice job celebrating Jackie Robinson day, marking his original debut from April 15, 1947, by having every player wear his #42.  Honoring this great man and icon hopefully changes many of the usual April 15th conversations in which most people are using expletives as they file their income taxes. 

I’d love to hear from you guys, as I said this is an interaction blog.

Welcome to Brendan Harris Baseball Blog

This blog will be dedicated to providing fans with the most current information about the Brendan Harris Baseball Clinic, my baseball career, and other activities I enjoy outside of playing baseball.  This blog will contain news updates, announcements, press releases, and other helpful information. 

As baseball players, we love to hear from our fans and answer and questions you might have.  I will answer questions you might have, and respond to comments posted on the website.  If you have a question just ask.

Stay Connected.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MLB and my website

– Brendan Harris #23