september post

I think this is my first post since being sent to Rochester, and as of now this season has come to a painful end.   This has been the most difficult season of my career.  I feel like I had a good second half to the year, and I’m going to take that into my off season.  Its tough to be done in september, but alas, it is what it is, and Ill come back strong in 2011. 

I have been putting together my 2010 baseball clinic, and it will be November 20th and 21st.  I am working on some new things to add to it and continue to make it better each year.  I will have more information out on it shortly, and I am going to set up an online registration on my website,

Been quite a news cycle since I last blogged, and its been such a character building year I feel like I’ve lost my filter, so deal with it. 

I see the Justice department is officially charging Roger Clemens with perjury, and there’s a chance he could get five years in jail.  Clemens is accused of lying to Congress about his use of performance enhancing drugs, allegedly.  Lets analyze the numbers here, Congress is sporting a monster 11 percent approval rate, wouldn’t they be better served to offer Clemens immunity in exchange for telling them how to get some drugs that could actually improve their performance?   Well thank god Eric Holder and co. can put a case together to charge Roger Clemens.  He testified before Congress about 2 or 3 years ago, maybe less?  Charges against Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the conspirators of the USS Cole, ten years in the making, – no charges on the horizon, and the Cole bombing case has been put on the back burner till after the 2010 elections for ‘political reasons’.  My question is this, what do ‘politcal reasons’ even mean in this situation, and who in god’s name, no pun intended, is on the other side of this argument that we’re worried about offending? And this is what congress is worried about, Clemens?  Unemployment is near 10 percent, and they have time to worry about this.   At least in the Mosque controversy there’s the Nancy Pelosi croud out there defending the Iman’s right to freedom of religion, as he builds a shrine to Islam on the site where 3000 people were murdered in the name of the radicalized form of his faith.  This with over 100 mosques in NYC already.  I think people are getting a little tired of the intolerant lecturing us on tolerance, then taking advantage of us.  These are the same people that have gotten the Pledge of Allegiance taken out of schools because it says “One Nation under God”, and throw a fit when someone says god bless you after they sneeze.  We’ve also managed to sue ourselves, which I didnt think was possible.  Again, KSM and the Cole bombers – no cases pending, but Arizona and their immigration law as well as Sheriff Arpaio, lawsuits were turned around in a month.  You can agree or disagree on the issue, but I think Eric Holder/ Stedman Graham, loses a little credibility when he attends a hearing before Congress and says there is a lawsuit in the works yet he has yet to read the 16 page bill.

Good to see Rex Ryan cleaning up the language on Hard Knocks.  I guess HBO could have bleeped out the f bombs, but then he would have sounded like Ozzy Osbourne when he had his reality show.  Ozzy was the first person in the modern reality era to need subtitles – in the same language, so that viewers could understand him.  What a beauty. 

Jersey Shore has had some colorful episodes.  I think its become one of the first reality shows that is socially acceptable to discuss and claim that you’re a fan of.  Guys usually have to turn in their Man Card if they are caught discussing Keeping up with the Kardashians, but Jersey Shore brings people out of the shadows.  Snooki and the Situation are now acceptable water cooler topics, what’s the world coming to. 

Like I mentioned earlier, more information will be coming on my clinic. 

I love to hear what you guys think, feel free to email or comment.


8 responses to “september post

  1. I still think you are very capable of being a very good player. Thanks for the update!

  2. Thanks for updating us on how you’re doing. I’m sorry your season wasn’t what you hoped it would be but I have no doubt you’ll be back up in the Twin Cities by the time next season starts. I really like reading your blogs. You have some excellent opinions that I definitely agree with. Except for the whole Jersey Shore thing. But I think humans in general shouldn’t watch that show. I hope you have a great offseason!

  3. oh bren, its good to finally hear from you again, i was thinking that you forgot about us… i know you will come back in 2011, stronger than EVER.(even more so then joe mauer!) you are the best. its seems i have been lost on the political world, but im glad you can inform me 🙂 hope to see you soon! ~Lilli

  4. Have you considered running for political office? I’d probably vote for you.

  5. Keep your head up, Brendan. And yes, Jersey Shore is definitely a socially acceptable show by all genders. Sadly, my grandmother has even seen a couple episodes. And her response of, “That was interesting,” likely means she watches it too.

  6. I’m glad you lost your filter. It’s nice to hear an honest opinion every once in a while. Hope to see you back next year, I love your positive attitude.

  7. I admit I had pretty much stopped checking in to see if you had written anything lately, but I was glad to find you had! I’m sure it was a tough season you know what they say, “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” You obviously are far from deceased, so I look forward to seeing you bounce back stronger in 2011.

    As for the Clemens deal… It’s an election year and no politician ever lost an election by trashing oil companies, insurance companies and, now it seems, famous athletes who used PEDs. I don’t care for Clemens. But I’m 100% in agreement that you would hope the government officials would have something more vital to their constituents’ interests than prosecuting an old ballplayer. On the other hand, since the government has been tending to screw up pretty much everything they try to “fix” the last few years, maybe it IS better that they focus on Clemens and not something more important.

  8. Good luck with your clinic and off sesaon training. Hopefully some down time for you. Reenergize and look forward to Spring training, it ‘ll be a whole new ball game.

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