June post

Its been a few weeks since i’ve been able to put some time aside to write a blog,  but i want to thank all of you that read my last entry and took the time to respond.  I also want to thank  you for the words of encouragement and to those of you that sent along some of your various slump busting techniques. 

I attended Justin Morneau’s charity event and received the typical condolences, including  “keep plugging away” and “keep your chin up”.  I’m sure if there had been an open bar a few people would have grabbed some of the bats up for auction and given demonstrations. 

It’s been quite a grind so far this year but i’m still plugging away and feel like i’m ready to break out the next time I get an opportunity.  It’s frustrating at times but the club is in first place and that’s what its all about.  There’s an oft repeated quote from Samuel Goldwyn, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”, and no ones been working harder, so there better be some bloopers and infield hits on the horizon, as well as some line drives. 

We have an off day here in Milwaukee and no, I did not spend the day at the beach with Patrick Reusse.  I really hope my thank you note wasn’t lost in the mail like my Christmas card was though. 

It’s been an interesting few weeks of current events since the last time i’ve blogged.   We’ve had oil spills, immigration controversy and Joran Van ders-Killer back in the news.   I see the CEO Tony Hayward was able to make his Yacht race back in England.  I feel like this is an SNL weekend update episode of ‘Really’.  Really Tony, you don’t see how the people of the gulf, who have already been called small people, would be mad at the white collar silver spoon symbolism of a yacht race as they try to pick up the pieces for the second time in 5 years.  At the same time President Obama played golf yesterday for the 7th time since the Oil spill began. I guess everyone needs their down time,  but even Phil Mickelson hasn’t played that many rounds of golf lately. 

And did I hear Hillary Clinton say that Illegal immigration is something the federal government should lead on, not the states.  So instead of laying out a comprehensive program that would help, the government is going to sue Arizona.  Really?  I didn’t know we could sue ourselves. 

And Joran, all I can hope for you is a long, torturous sentence in a Peruvian jail, where after awhile you’ll be begging for the electric chair on your way down to hell.   Ahh, Karma.

I am putting a few things together to help with my own operation shoebox that I’ve started.  Its taken a little longer to get off the ground than I expected, but the wheels are still in motion.  I would like to thank Sidney for the great t shirt ideas. 

Was able to catch a couple movies on the last two off days.  ‘Get him to the Greek’ was pretty funny, similar humor to its prequel Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I’d give it a B.  ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’  was also funny, I’d give that a B plus.  Craig Robinson, from the Office is great in it.


19 responses to “June post

  1. Great to hear from you again! You obviously shouldn’t let Reusse get to you. You and Joe Nathan could spend some time talking about what a jerk he is 🙂

    You should do another Unplugged with Cuddy. My friend and I really enjoyed it the last time.

    Good luck against Milwaukee!

  2. Good stuff Brendan! Thanks for the update and interacting with the fans. Don’t worry about Reusse, I’m a big fan of yours and there are many Twins fans that support you. Keep working hard and you have good things ahead of you helping this team reach the playoffs.

  3. Kaleah Syverson

    It’s great to hear from you again! I agree with your opinions. I have every confidence that you’ll break out of your “slump” sooner rather than later. You’re amazing! I graduated high school in May and my cousin gave me a baseball signed by you. It was without a doubt the best gift I have ever received! So even though you were only remotely involved, thank you for making my graduation awesome!

  4. Love reading your blog! It is so nice to see what other things peak your interest besides baseball. I really love watching you play for our MN Twins! Keep up the good work. Especially love that you wear your baseball pants up, maybe you can talk the rest of the team into doing that??

  5. Love your blog keep it up

  6. Keep the positive attitude!!! You’re a great player that hasn’t received the right encouragement that you should from “management”; believe me, I’ve been there!!! Keep pushing yourself and keep the level head and you will do great. All good things come to those that wait, life is not always a smooth road but more you keep going, the better it will become … or it won’t seem as bad anyway… =}

  7. Hot tub time machine. Probably the best concept for a movie… ever.

    Have you considered losing the high socks? I think they are bad luck.

  8. Glad to see you’re back, we missed you! I think that you should consider growing some type of beard to switch things up. Hey, Punto started sporting the facial hair and he’s been swinging a a good bat lately. I would suggest following Pavano’s lead and looking like hitting coach Joe Vavra, but he doesn’t have any. And, us fans would enjoy it, too. We have Mauer’s sideburns, Pavano’s stache, and now we need Brendan’s beard. Or anything silly.
    I agree with Deb, you should definately do another Unplugged soon.
    And who cares what Reusse says, I just laughed when I read that article. You’ll come around soon and I can’t stand the whole defense thing. You have always been good defensively and you can make some of the best diving plays that Punto can’t. Plus, your arm is an absolute cannon.
    Alright, keep up the hard work (I know, you’ve heard that a million times) and keep posting!

  9. It’s all right, Brendan, everything is all right.

    You’ll finally get those much needed at-bats to turn things around. And maybe a little more time to write another one of these very cool posts.

    Keep at it, 23.

  10. Hi Brendan, Vicki here, mom of your #1 fan Stephanie. You know, the girl who stalked you at all your signings and TwinsFest. Anyway, sorry to hear what happened. I don’t know how that tripleA stuff works, but if we don’t see you again here in MN, I wish you all the best. I wish we had gotten to more games this year, she’ll miss you.

  11. I belive in you Harris. you are amazing! i would say, keep working hard, but it sounds like you have been doing that alot lately. keep smiling, dont let strike outs, or ground outs keep you from having a great day! I support your decisons, love your opinions,.. and you bring up great points..sueing Arizona?? that is funny..you should Run for President. then our economy might be better…Thank you for interacting with us fans! as you might know,i am a huge fan, so i appriciate you taking time to let us know what you think, and letting us know what your up to. thanks again! ~Lilli Scholl

  12. Great update. I think you should consider a cameo on SNL…
    Hope all is going well, and I really hope to see more updates in the near future.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for taking the time to write, and keep your head up!

  14. I just want to say that you are one of my favorite players in baseball, I’m really glad you are staying with the Twins they need a guy like you! I know that I am in no position to give you batting advice what-so-ever but I am in softball and whenever i can hit I tried switching to the left side and it really helped me. I really hope that you get the breakthrough you deserve soon, but i want you to know I am a fan no matter what. And it’s really cool to see what you think about other things besides baseball too, thanks for doing this!

  15. I meant when I can’t hit, oops

  16. Katelyn Stachovich

    Hey Brendan-please keep up with your blog!! Love the interaction and random thoughts of yours.

    P.S.-Keep us informed of how things are going?Miss seeing you with the Twins

  17. I love the blog! 🙂

    I was so sad when I heard you were being sent to the minors. You are so fun to watch!! Can we get an update on how Rochester is going? It can be difficult to find updates online (at least I can’t find any?). I’d love to know how everything is going and WHEN you’ll be back up with the Twins! It’s just not the same without you…

    Good Luck!

  18. Couple days early, but Happy Birthday! Hope to see you back with the Twins soon.

  19. Have a Happy, Happy 30th … A decade of new beginnings … believe in yourself and make it happen!
    Nobody can go back and start over but anyone can start today and make a new ending…
    Wishing you a GREAT Birthday!!!

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