Blog #1

     welcome to my foray into the blogosphere.  I’m a little uncomfortable with things such as fan pages and social media in general, so in an effort to avoid being overly self-absorbed and narcissistic, I want to call this an interaction blog.  I also find it utterly ridiculous when people tweet the menial tasks they are doing throughout the day, so I pledge to you to only tweet about things of substance.  

     I’ve started the blog and facebook page to do a number of things.  I want to interact with Twins fans and the good people of upstate NY about baseball, various things off the field and in the news that I or you would like to weigh in on. 

     I  run a camp in my hometown of Queensbury, NY and want to use social media to provide information about it and help with registration. 

     Lastly, I want to help promote certain charities or causes I feel strongly about with you.  I thought I had an original idea to support our service men and women by sending them a personalized care package when they are deployed overseas.  I want to highlight them on the site each month, with their consent of course, and then send them a care package of things they could use and appreciate.  Things such as magazines, calling cards, ipods and personal letters people send in, I would bundle together with other things anyone else wants to send in and mail overseas.  I found out there’s a charity called operation shoebox that operates exactly how I wanted this to run, though it doesn’t prohibit my much smaller operation from taking off. 

     As far as the season goes, I’d say 7-3 is pretty solid start, especially against three quality teams in the Angels, White Sox and Red Sox.  Major League baseball does a nice job celebrating Jackie Robinson day, marking his original debut from April 15, 1947, by having every player wear his #42.  Honoring this great man and icon hopefully changes many of the usual April 15th conversations in which most people are using expletives as they file their income taxes. 

I’d love to hear from you guys, as I said this is an interaction blog.


23 responses to “Blog #1

  1. All I have to say is I am so very proud to call you my favorite player. You are so genuine and good hearted! Aiding the troops is such a great idea, and I hope your project takes off, let the fans know how they can help! Good Luck this season, I will be proudly cheering for you and wearing that #23 on my back! Thanks for being awesome 🙂
    Sioux Falls,SD

  2. Glad to have you in the blogging world and the internet certainly doesn’t need more meaningless drivel – it already has mine – so I applaud your efforts to use your power for good. So to speak. *smile*

    The season is looking good so far and I’m hoping to see things continue like this.

  3. I think it’s great you are reaching out and using social media! I’m glad you are helping our troops. Keep up those winning ways!

  4. Care packages to troops is a great idea. There can never be too many organizations that support our troops!

    Why not tailor it to deployed troops from MN/IA/ND/SD. I’m sure if they are Twins fans they would love to get a package from you. Not sure if it’s possible, but you could maybe offer tickets to a game for some of them. Give them something special to look forward to when they get home!

  5. Don’t be afraid of Twitter, it can be a great way to interact with fans, and it’s easy! Denard Span does a nice job with it, I think.

    I’ll definitely follow this blog, too. I grew up in Queensbury, and moved to the Twin Cities in ’97. I used to follow the updates about you on the Post Star’s website, then you got traded here!

    I’ve been to 2 Twins games at Target Field now, including April 15th, and man, what a ballpark! The Twins should be very proud.

  6. Hey Brendan! It’s great to see you online and connecting with your fans in new ways. Thank you!!
    I’ve always felt you’ve been a class act for the MN Twins since you joined the squad, especially for the fan-related events such as Twins Fest and the Autograph parties. But after reading your plan to support of our service men and women with personalized care packages, I’m an even bigger fan now 🙂

  7. Thanks for this post, Brendan!

    First, thank you for the call to only Tweet about things of substance. When I first began my Twitter account I had intended that it wouldn’t be about everyday minutiae, but it’s dwindled to that lately. Your call to action actually really made me stop and realize that I’ve fallen into that trap of social media that I wanted to avoid.

    Second–I love your idea about sending care packages to our service men and women overseas. I’ve had more than a few friends serve time in various places, and I know they always appreciate the thoughts from the people they’re serving. Are you still thinking about starting up your own smaller operation? I’d love to gather some things to send along if you do decide to undertake the project. The more effort we can make on that front, the better, I think.

    Third–I used no expletives while filing my income taxes! 🙂

    Thanks again. Always good to hear insightful and inspiring thoughts from professional athletes and celebrities who are supposed to be “heroes”.

  8. Welcome to the Twins blogosphere, Brendan!

    There’s no shortage of Twins-centered blogs out here (though that didn’t stop us from starting our own a couple of months ago), but having one with the potential to provide more direct insight in to what’s happening “on the inside” is exciting.

    I hope you find this venture to be as interesting and rewarding (personally and for your selected charities) as you hope it will be. – JC

  9. Hi, Brendan! 🙂 Found your blog through Knuckleballs.

  10. Hi! Great game tonight, by the way!

    So let’s say that I think your idea of sending care packages to soldiers is awesome- but I really don’t know if I have anything worth sending in or even what I would send in if I could, but I would be able to volunteer my time. Would that be possible? How could I help?!

    Have a great home stand!

  11. Hey Brendan!
    How about that catch last night by Podsednik, that was amazing. I mention this because as soon as he caught it, I immediately thought of a game last year at the Dome when he was with the Sox. He made a catch just as sensatoinal on a ball you hit to center that would have been a sure double. I remember it so clearly because I was there and couls not believe it. Did his catch last night remind you of that at all?
    Good game last night! Im happy the error was changed to a hit for Podsednik. If they were not going to give Hudson a error, then you surely should not have.
    Great to see you get some starts, even if it means Punto is hurt.

  12. During the season do you room with anyone on the team? Besides Justin who is your best friend on the team?

  13. Welcome to the tubes they call the internet. They say that real people exist here, but I still have my doubts. After listening to your lengthy rant at Twinsfest 2010 on the radio stage, it seemed very clear this would never happen.

    The easiest way for you to get established right now would to be to get an @MLB verification, – That’s going to put to rest any questions that this is a sham, and also drive traffic your way.

    Hope to see plenty of this interaction you speak of; most of the people I’ve encountered on the internet are antisocial sociopaths, and this would be a welcome change!

  14. Brendan,
    As a wife of a soldier that is soon leaving for his 3rd tour and a lover of Twins baseball ( the new park is so beautiful!(even in the rain!!)), thank you for adding a personal touch! The packages from home allow them to feel a little normal on an otherwise bad situation!
    I am not in any way glad Punto is hurt, but I like you at 3rd!

  15. Thanks for the updates Brendan, your fans will no doubt be very appreciative of you taking the time to interact with them!!

    MLB does do a great job in honoring Jackie Robinson. Its always one of my favorite days of the year to see all players wearing his number 42.

  16. Glad to see your doing a blog Brendan. Thanks for interacting with the fans and for your work in the community. Your a great representative of the Minnesota Twins on the field and off! Good luck this season. Andy Darsow

  17. welcome to the blogging world, brendan!

  18. Welcome to the crazy blogging world, mister. I await your interesting blog posts. I blog too but I swear, I’m not narcissistic, just slightly self-absorbed though 😀

  19. I just found your site, and enjoyed reading your posts. I’d love to see you at another Unplugged, so I hope you come out to one this season.

    Best of luck this season-y’all are off to a great start.

  20. Hi!

    It was great finding your blog tonight, Brendan! As my favorite Twin I’ve been waiting to find a way to follow you more closely and it’s great to hear about the things that you contribute to our community and your home community. If there is any way to help you with your efforts please let me know.

    I am in full support of your efforts toward our troops. I am currently trying to raise funds in order to purchase some items that I can send you to help with this.

    You have been a great addition to our team and the more I learn about you the more I know that you truly belong with our team!

    I wish you all the best in this upcoming season and I am looking forward to everything that you and the rest of the guys accomplish! Best of luck!!! 🙂

  21. I like the new background photo on the website!

  22. whoa whoa this the acual Brendan Harris? if it is this is what i have to say to you.”I LOVE YOU! and i hope i can meet you one day!

  23. ok sorry about my first comment, i got carried away, anyway i have a question, if i served in the army, would you by chance send ME a care pakage??

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