Welcome to Brendan Harris Baseball Blog

This blog will be dedicated to providing fans with the most current information about the Brendan Harris Baseball Clinic, my baseball career, and other activities I enjoy outside of playing baseball.  This blog will contain news updates, announcements, press releases, and other helpful information. 

As baseball players, we love to hear from our fans and answer and questions you might have.  I will answer questions you might have, and respond to comments posted on the website.  If you have a question just ask.

Stay Connected.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MLB and my website www.BrendanHarris23.com

– Brendan Harris #23


9 responses to “Welcome to Brendan Harris Baseball Blog

  1. Twins are BEAST because they have BRENDAN HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good Luck, Brendan!

  3. Hope this is really him! Big fan! Go twins!

  4. Way to go with your first home run of the year. You HAMMERED that ball!!!!

  5. i’ll bet I’m your #1 fan!!!!!! Brendan is simply amazing 🙂

  6. always wondered what kinda car you drive?

  7. So happy to see you at 3rd!!! We are HUGE Brendan Harris fans!

  8. Just wondering where I can find a B.Harris shirt?! Been looking ALL over.. Help anyone?

  9. i dont know sidney, im a#1 fan also!!!
    Peace, love<3, Brendan Harris!

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